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Gary Zwetchkenbaum

Gary Zwetchkenbaum brings to Plum Tree Consulting LLC a long history in market research, advertising, marketing, and with Wall Street.

His professional career includes vice president of advertising and market research for Knight Ridder's Journal of Commerce. Knight Ridder, the second largest newspaper and media company in the United States, with 32 daily newspapers, internet publishing, Knight Ridder Financial and television and radio stations.

For Knight Ridder, Zwetchkenbaum also establinshed and managed a conference and trade show division focusing on international trade and transportation.

Zwetchkenbaum has also been a senior vice president and broker with Paine Webber and then Dean Witter. In his first year in the business as a financial advisor and vice president with Paine Webber, he was named to the industry's Million Dollar Roundtable. 

Zwetchkenbaum formed Plum Tree Consulting LLC in 2009 and since then has developed his "hands-on' advisery and consulting services for publicly-held and privately-held companies.  

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