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A Meet the CEO Video conversation with Gary Zwetchkenbaum, CEO of Plum Tree Consulting LLC.

Gary provides an introduction to the services Plum Tree Consulting provides to privately-held and publicly-traded companies 

It has been my distinct pleasure to work with Gary Zwetchkenbaum , CEO of Plum Tree Consulting LLC.  As CEO, I work closely with Gary Zwetchkenbaum who provides consulting, financial, and marketing services for PetVivo Holdings.

Gary is knowledgeable, articulate, intuitive, hard working and extremely well connected with long standing relationships with investment bankers, broker dealers and high net worth accredited investors. Gary’s  "hands-on”, honest and personal approach compliments our business and investor relations strategies.

As CEO of PetVivo Holdings, I look forward to working with Gary Zwetchkenbaum for many years to come.

   John Lai, CEO

   PetVivo Holdings, Inc.

A Meet the CEO Video conversation with Gary Zwetchkenbaum, CEO of Plum Tree Consulting LLC.

Gary explains how  Plum Tree Consulting's services  for publicly-traded companies are complimentary to traditional investor relations (IR) and public relations (PR)  services. 

Gary Zwetchkenbaum is an investment professional that I’ve known and done business with at the personal and professional level for more than twenty years.  Gary is hardworking, smart, intuitive, and well connected.  As a small company growth investor, knowledge is power, and rarely do I make a decision within his domain of companies without first consulting Gary Zwetchkenbaum.

Brady Lipp, former Managing Director at Warburg Pincus and Credit Suisse.

I have been CEO, CFO, COO, Board Member, and Consultant at various times with my four public companies.  In these positions, I have worked with close to 50 different investor relations (IR) firms.  Gary Zwetchkenbaum is without a doubt among the best of them all.  He is smart, knowledgeable, hard-knocks experienced, and extremely well-connected. He has great contacts in the financial space, which allows him to introduce his clients to investment banks, broker/dealers, and investors.  In addition, he is a bulldog…once he sets his mind on getting something done, he will not quit (regardless of the odds of success) until the task is done.  In addition to these enviable work traits, he is also very easy to get along with, has a great outgoing personality, and is as honest as the day is long.


I have worked closely with Gary for over five years. I consider him far more than just IR – I think of Gary as a business associate…one I look forward to working with for many, many years to come.


Ric Schumacher, Founder and CEO, Pressure BioSciences, Inc., (OTCQB: PBIO).

I've had the pleaseure of knowing Gary Zwetchkenbaum for a number of years.  As a CEO of a public company I've personally seen how his hands-on approach benefits public companies, from raising capital, introductions to funding sources, to increasing shareholder and investor awareness, resulting in an increased shareholder base, volume and trading.

Kenneth Londoner, Chairman and CEO, BioSig Technologies Inc. (Stock Symbol: BSGM)

Our professional relationship with Gary Zwetchkenbaum of Plum Tree Consulting LLC has been incredibly beneficial for our company. Gary's hands-on approach is key. Not only was he able to obtain financing for our company but also Gary was able to bring to our company many new shareholders, increasing investor awareness and increasing our shareholder base. 

Randy Ferrel, Executive Vice President, SRAX Inc. (Stock Symbol SRAX)

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Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Consulting and Advisory Services 

Plum Tree Consulting LLC assists private and public companies with raising capital and increasing awareness among investors.

The company takes a hands-on and personal approach, one that compliments a company's investor relations or public relations strategy.

Services for Privately-Held Companies

Plum Tree Consulting's services for privately-held companies include: 

  • Supporting new business development

  • Introduction to private equity, venture capital, institutional and family office investors.

  • Development and implementation of a going public strategy.  


Services for Publicly-Traded Companies

Plum Tree Consulting LLC's services for publicly-traded companies include:

Uplisting to a more senior exchange

Increasing trading activity in a company's shares

Accessing capital from private equity, venture capital, family office, high-net-worth and institutional investors.

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